About Me

Hi, I'm Dervla

The VO Kickstart Program Founder


From being in the voiceover industry for a decade, running Canada's largest annual voiceover conference, as well as working in TV & commercial production, I've gained a well-rounded insight into the industry and most importantly, what it takes to succeed!

As a voiceover actor, I'm grateful to have voiced projects for major brands like Pepsi, PayPal, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft, to name a few.

I'll be honest, throughout the years pursing voiceover, I've tried a lot of things and wasted many hours and dollars on strategies and tools that didn't work.

In fact, the whole reason I started the conference, V.O. North, was to help fellow colleagues learn the tools and insights needed to create a successful voiceover career. I brought in reputable industry professionals who also wanted to give back and help educate & elevate the industry as a whole.

And now I've created the VO Kickstart Program with the same goal in mind: to help aspiring voice actors build a solid foundation for a success voiceover career.